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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

JC Caylen

JC Caylen (Famous Youtuber)

(Photo below)

Twitter: @jccaylen

Facebook: officialjccaylen

Youtube: Main channel: lifewithJc

Second channel: jccaylen

Snapchat: chamclouder

Instagram: jccaylen

Vine: jccaylen


Trevor Moran

Trevor Moran (Famous youtuber and singer)

(Photo below)

Twitter: @TrevorMoran

Facebook: trevormoranmusic

Youtube: Main channel: iTr3vor

Second Channel: TrevorMoranVEVO

Snapchat: TrevorMoran

Instagram: trevormoran

Vine: TrevorMoran

Ricky Dillon

Ricky Dillon (Famous youtuber)

(Photo below)

Twitter: @RickyPDillon

Youtube: Main channel: PICKLEandBANANA

Snapchat: Ricky.dillon / rickpickle

Instagram: rickypdillon

Vine: RickyDillon


Our 2nd Life (O2L)

Our 2nd Life (Famous youtubers)

Members: Kian Lawley, Trevor Moran, Sam Pottorff, Jc Caylen and Ricky Dillon.
Previous members: Connor Franta and Ricardo Ordieres.

Twitter: @Our2ndLife

Youtube: our2ndlife

Sam Pottorff

Sam Pottorff (Famous youtuber)

(Photo below)

Twitter: @sampottorff

Youtube: Main channel: pottorffbitch

Second channel: kiansam13

Snapchat: sampottorff

Instagram: sampottorff

Vine: Sam Pottorff

Kian Lawley

Kian Lawley (Famous youtuber)

(Photo below)

Twitter: @KianLawley

Snapchat: swifferme

Youtube: Main channel: superkian13

Second channel: kianlawley

Third channel: kiansam13

Instagram: kikilawl


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Connor Franta

Connor Franta (Famous Youtuber)

(Photo below)

Twitter: @ConnorFranta

Facebook: ConnorFrantaFans

Youtube: Main channel: ConnorFranta

Second channel: ConnorFranta2

Instagram: connorfranta